Prime Efficiency Equipment, Inc.

Manufacturer‘s Representative of Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

Commercial Gas Detection Test & Calibration Services.
Commercial Kitchen Grease, Smoke and Odor Control.

Test and Calibration

Installation and Replacement

Service Areas: Northern CA | Silicon Valley ​| Los Angeles Area

Facilities Serviced:  Enclosed Parking Garages, ​Restaurants, ​Commercial Kitchens,​ Hospitals, Bio Tech,  Wineries, Schools, Office Buildings, Semi Conductor Facilities, Etc.

Test and Calibration

Prime Efficiency is a company offering test & calibration of gas detection systems, as well as services, including installation, maintenance, training of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen Depletion (O2), Hydrogen ( H2) and Refrigerant (R134A, R123) leak detection sensor systems. We also offer upgraded systems that meet code compliance.

 Our factory-authorized & trained service representative can perform the following:

1) Inspect field-assembled components,
equipment installation, and electrical connections for compliance with requirements.
2) Test alarm set points of the carbon monoxide monitoring system with calibration gases and verify sequence of operation.
3) Prepare a written report to record test procedures, test results, and corrective actions if required.
4) Report should also cover the requirements for accessories like adequacy of alarm types, signs, and protective equipment. Calibration intervals to comply with manufacturer's recommendations.

 Demonstration and Training
Our Technicians are factory-authorized service representatives trained on owner's maintenance, general operation, troubleshooting, calibration and maintenance of the carbon monoxide monitoring system.

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